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The Crazy Mom's Club

Can't believe your mother?

Crazy mom's club
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Can't believe your mom? Can't believe you turned out to be a good mom? Unbelievablemom is for you!
Did your mother make you miserable? Does she still? Need to talk to people who understand? Need to tear her apart without judgement?

Is she just unbelievable?

Welcome to unbelievablemom.

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you belong here. Let it all out, you're among friends.

This is a safe space. It is the internet equivalent of a therapeutic support group. That means -

What goes on here, stays here. Period. Do not quote text to any other journal or community. Admission to this community implies that we trust you with everything we say, that is why entries are automatically friends-only. Do not change the privacy setting on your entries.

It also means that if you are a member and you feel that another LJer would violate this safe space by joining, tell me. You take precedence. I will not grant membership to anyone you feel you can't trust. In order to be accepted into this community, you must be recommended and sponsored by at least one existing member.

If you violate our trust, the banhammer is swift, and it is mighty.